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You’re booking private events again — but do your customers know? Here are some tips to make sure they do.

With COVID in the rearview mirror, here are some tips we’ve seen from some of our most successful customers to get the word out that they are booking private events again.

It’s easy for private event information to get lost on a website or buried under tabs. By adding a pop-up to your website like the one below, it’s impossible to miss that you’re booking private events again. Linking your Perfect Venue contact form to the pop-up ensures new leads go directly into Perfect Venue.

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Avoid the costly mistake of committing to expensive software you may not need

If you’re at the point where relying on spreadsheets, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and PDFs to manage your events is no longer working, you’ve probably started researching event management or venue management software. Event management software is a great way to streamline all of those different tools into one, making your life a lot easier in the process.

  • A lead form that integrates with your website
  • Central digital calendar
  • Integrated email messaging & tracking
  • Digital proposals that automatically update
  • Secure, online payments for deposits and final balances
  • Automatic document generators (BEOs, proposals, etc.)
  • Automatic analytics charts & reporting

However, knowing…

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Save your self some time with this easy tool for Banquet Event Orders (BEOs) and Proposals

Making new Banquet Event Orders (BEOs) and Event Proposals is often a time consuming and tedious task. To make it easier, we made this Free BEO and Event Proposal Template where you can easily input the event information and save it to a PDF to email or send to the guest.

Click here to download your FREE BEO. From there, just make a copy of the sheet, change out your logo and you’re good to go!

If you’re looking for an even faster and easier way to make BEOs and Proposals, click here to try out Perfect Venue which automatically generates those docs for you and the guest. You can try Perfect Venue for free today!

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How to choose event management software for restaurants, hospitality groups, breweries and other event venues

If you’re looking into catering and event management software for your venue, you’ve probably come across Tripleseat, and it’s for a good reason. According to Tripleseat’s website, it was founded in 2008 and has several thousand hotels, unique venues, and larger restaurants as customers. Tripleseat offers many of the key features businesses are looking for in event management software — a lead form that integrates with your website, a single place to track all events, automatic BEOs, secure online guest payments, and more.

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